Lab64 3D-Printers

lab64 has four 3D printers available for use during normal business hours by students that have completed the training. The printers are separated into two categories. Only SLA printers require in-person training.

Printers are available from 10am to 5pm on weekdays unless the student has been granted after hours access (by being trained and having demonstrated proficiency on all the machines in the room).

FDM Printers

  • Rapid prototyping, low-cost models, for experimenting, when precision and surface finish are not crucial
  • FDM sign-in sheet

Lulzbot Taz 6

SLA Printers

  • When intricate details and/or a very smooth surface finish is crucial, when strength and durability of the model is not crucial, for creating intricate molds for casting
  • SLA Printer sign-in sheet

Getting Access

Note: To use the 3D printers in Room 004, you must first have been granted access to the main lab. See the homepage for instructions.

If you are new to 3D printing and unsure which category of printer to be trained on first, this article does a good job of introducing the two technologies: https://all3dp.com/fdm-vs-sla/


Students must complete each of the items below before they are permitted to independently operate the 3D printers.

  1. Finish reading the lab64 tutorial for SLA printers. Students are expected to know and understand the basics of 3D printers before scheduling a training.
  2. Install the applicable slicing software on his or her personal laptop
    • SLA printers require downloading the PreForm Software https://formlabs.com/tools/preform/ (windows and mac) - on first startup, choose the Form 2 printer and don't worry about the resin cartridge setting.
  3. Email lab64CA@ee.stanford.edu and ask to schedule a SLA 3D printer training. We will match you with another student who has already been trained, and you will need to arrange a time with them to get trained.
    • Hands-on training for the SLA printers takes ~30 minutes
  4. Have an applicable model for 3D printing downloaded and in .STL format ready before your meeting with the student who will provide training. Training will go a lot faster if you have also imported the model into the appropriate slicing software and played around with the interface.
  5. After receiving training on a machine, you will be responsible for training another student on that machine.


Students may use the FDM printers after reading through our LulzBot Tutorial (although we don't have a tutorial for the Ultimaker, the principles are very similar). We no longer require in-person training on these machines, but please email us if you have questions or would still like a CA's help for your first print.