SLA Printer Tutorial

Form 1

Form 2

Install the PreForm Software

Download the PreForm software and select the appropriate version for your computer. Note that newer versions of the official PreForm software are not compatible with the Form 1. See the "Form 1" section at this link to download software that is compatible with the Form 1.

Load your job in PreForm

Step through Tutorial #1 from PreForm to learn how to open a file in the PreForm software and how to choose the appropriate settings. Be sure to select the correct printer and resin type. All resins currently in use in lab64 are V4.

Orient your part

Step through Tutorial #2 from PreForm to learn how to orient your part properly.

Add supports if needed

Step through Tutorial #3 from PreForm to learn when and how to add supports.

Upload your job to the printer

Connect to the printer via the USB cable. Once your computer detects the printer, an orange icon will appear. Click the icon and then select "Send to Printer."

Wait until the file is fully uploaded before disconnecting the cable.

Start your job

On the printer's touchscreen, select your file and then push the button to start the print.

The printer will ask you to confirm the job.

Remove your print

Once your print is finished, lift the latch and gently slide the build platform out. Hold a tray underneath your part to ensure resin does not drip on any surfaces.

Post Processing

Step through Preform Tutorial #4 to learn how to post process your part.

Uv cure your part

Place your part in the UV Cure machine (labeled "Sterelizer" in lab64) and turn on the UV light. Leave your part to UV Cure for at least an hour. If your part is still sticky when you retrieve your part, leave it to UV cure for longer, or repeat the IPA wash/UV cure process. Leaving your part for too long in the IPA or UV cure machine may cause your part to become brittle.