Soldering Rework Station

The rework station has a Weller WR2 and a hot plate that can be used to

The Weller WR2 has a big on-off switch on the front that controls that turns the station on and off. Two soldering irons can be plugged into the front of the station and kept at different temperatures. Note that the irons from the smaller Weller stations are NOT COMPATIBLE with the WR2 irons. They will fit into the plug but not get hot. The two irons are controlled independently. There are buttons marked (1) (1-2) and (2) on the front. Pressing any of those buttons will allow you to control the iron plugged in to slot 1, both slots, or slot 2, respectively, by using the up and down arrows.

The light by the iron will be red if the iron is not at the correct temperature, and the green light will be on when power is supplied to the iron. When everything is working properly and the iron is at the correct temperature, the red light should be off and the green light should flash intermittently.

The hot plate (Weller WHP1000) also has a big on-off switch on the front, and up-down buttons to change the temperature set point. You should't need to set the hot plate temperature much higher than 220 degrees.