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Lab64 calendar

Interested in coming to one of our awesome parties? Wanna get trained on our machines, or learn how to solder? Check out our calendar for:

  • Scheduled events & parties for the quarter

  • Office hours held by the lab CAs

    • These are a great opportunity to ask for help or training for a tool you don't know how to use! Or come in and just chat with us about anything that's on your mind, we love company :)

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lab64 is a makerspace focused on designing and building electronic systems. We're open to the entire Stanford community. You DON'T need to have experience to get started. Everyone is welcome! However, formal training is REQUIRED to use some of the lab64 facilities and tools.

We have four super important goals for anyone involved with lab64.

  1. Work safely!!

  2. Have fun!

  3. Learn something.

  4. Share your knowledge.


The physical space is located in the basement of the David Packard Electrical Engineering Building. Some of the space in Packard is left open, while some is available via card access.

Student Coordinators / Lab Mentors (Fall 2021)

Email the lab64 CA's: lab64ca@ee.stanford.edu.

Christine Cheng

Owen Queeglay

Liana Keesing

Sala Ba

Obtain Lab Access

lab64 is comprised of several rooms in the basement of Packard. Different rooms have different equipment and require different levels of training.

Step 1: The "Main" Lab - Room 033 and 064

These rooms are often considered to be the "main" lab and are well suited to building things, working on projects, and hosting events. You need to start here to gain access for the lab as a whole. To gain access, complete the basic safety training, located HERE. The training is a short set of slides focusing on your safety and your obligations as a user of lab64.

Once you have read through the safety presentation, please test your knowledge by taking the Safety Quiz. There are ten (10) questions and you will need to get at least nine (9) of the ten (10) correct. You should receive feedback about your score right away! If you have successfully completed the Quiz, you will be copied on the access request email.

The process of applying for and having access granted usually takes a day or two, so plan ahead! Don't expect to hear back right away. Steve will send you a note letting you know your access should be active. If, after a few days, you haven't heard back, please feel free to send a second note. Once you have card access, you may access Room 033 and Room 064 as you wish, 24/7! The card reader is near the door to room 064.


Step 2: The machine room - Room 004

Note: To use the tools in Room 004, you must first have completed "Step 1" described above.

Room 004 has two FDM 3D printers, two SLA 3D printers, and two laser cutters and is a popular destination for makers of all kinds. This room also has some stock of various materials and a scrap bin with pieces for test cutting and training.

Access during normal business hours

Room 004 is open during typical business hours, i.e., ~ 10:00 AM to ~ 5:00 PM Monday through Friday (except holidays). When the door to Room 004 is open and you have already completed "Step 1" (described above), you are welcome to use any machines you have been trained to use.

To obtain training on a particular machine, you need to schedule training time with a lab64 CA. Please go to the Laser Cutter or 3D printer page for more information on how to get trained on those machines. Please note that prior experience, training at other places on campus or elsewhere does not qualify you to use the equipment or mean you can skip training. Again, after you have been trained, you are free to use that piece of equipment when Room 004 is open.

24/7 Card access

Some folks want to have 24/7 access to Room 004; we have a process for that and it's simple. You just get trained and make something on each type of machine in Room 004 that demonstrates your proficiency. Once you have made a thing on each type of machine, take a picture of each one and send it to Steve (steven.clark@stanford.edu). If he is convinced you know what you're doing, he will apply for you to be granted card access. If he isn't convinced, he may ask you to make an additional item to demonstrate you are ready to "fly solo".

More events: autumn 2021

Check out the events we'll be hosting during Autumn 2021! We're so excited to see everyone in person, and we can promise good food & lots of learning.

Also, get in touch with us if you're interested in leading your own workshop or event in lab64! Email us at lab64ca@ee.stanford.edu with a description of what you'd like to do and when, and we're happy to support your vision and advertise on your behalf.


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