Finger Break Tutorial

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To safely use the following equipment, you must receive training by lab64 Staff prior to individual use. To get trained, please attend one of our Office Hours sessions↗


The Finger Break, a 48-inch machine, nestled in the machine room of lab64. It's used for it's ability to create precise bends in metal. 

Two knobs on the machine allow you to adjust for thickness and radius. Below is a guide to using the finger break in lab64.


Step 1: adjusting for radius

The first step to making the perfect bend adjusting the finger break for the radius. The radius of your bend is determined by the two knobs located on the sides of the part, shown in the picture. Ensure that you turn these knobs equally to get a uniform bend in the piece, especially if your piece is long. 

Step 2: Adjusting for metal thickness

The next step to using the finger break effectively is to adjust for the thickness of the material that you're using with the two adjustment knobs in the back. Again, ensure that you turn both knobs equally so that your bend is uniform. 

Step 3: Inserting your metal piece

Lift the lever on the right to temporarily lift the fingers from the bed. Next, insert your metal piece (not steel!) into the finger break, and align where you want the bend to occur to the line between the apron and the bed.

Push down the lever all the way to lock your piece into place.

Step 4: The Bend

Now for the pièce de résistance! While holding your metal in the place, use the larger lever to bend your piece using the finger break.

Step 5: Clean up process

Unlike other tools, the clean up process for the finger break is quite simple. Please make sure to remove your piece from the machine, and pick up any other miscellaneous pieces that you may have used from around the machine.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a CA!