About Lab64

lab64: A Brief History

Established in 2016, lab64 has been the home of EE-involved makers from all parts of Stanford's community. Our name comes from one of our former rooms, Room 064.

From 2016-2021, lab64 has been part of Rooms 064, 033, and 004 in the Packard Electrical Engineering basement.

Due to construction this year, we've consolidated to Room 004. By Fall 2023, we'll be on the 1st floor of Packard right in front of the lobby. Expect exciting changes to come!

Meet the Makers

Lab Manager

Jeff Stribling

  • Hometown: Menlo Park, California

  • Interests: Puzzles & Backpacking

  • Ask me about Italy!

  • Education

    • Ph.D., Stanford University, Electrical Engineering

    • M.S., Stanford University, Electrical Engineering

    • B.S., University of California, Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Lab Assistants - fall 2022

owen Queeglay

  • Year: Junior

  • Major: Electrical Engineering

  • Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

  • Interests: Escape Rooms, Game Design, Puzzles, Board-games, Movies, Cooking

  • Ask me about starting projects!

Didi Kamalova

  • Year: Sophomore

  • Major: Electrical Engineering

  • Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • Interests: Filmmaking, Yoga, Lockpicking, Social Dance & Jazz

  • Ask me about robots!

Denny Woong

  • Year: Junior

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering

  • Hometown: Duluth, GA

  • Interests: Stanford Archery, Robotics, Product Design, Makerspace Accessibility & STEM Education, NBA Basketball, Valorant

  • Ask me about mechanical stuff!