Punch Tutorial

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The Punch, a precision machine nestled among other machining tools, is conveniently located in the room to the right of lab64's entrance. Known for its ability to craft precise, varied-shaped holes in metal sheets, The Punch is your go-to tool for detailed metalwork. 

At its core, the machine boasts two adjustable barrels positioned at the top and bottom, which are pivotal in determining the size of the hole you wish to create. These barrels are easily adjustable, thanks to levers situated at both the top and bottom for locking and unlocking purposes. Here’s a simple guide to using The Punch effectively.


Step 1: Selecting Your Hole Size

The key to your desired hole size lies within the adjustable barrels located at the top and bottom of The Punch. Each barrel is marked with various sizes and corresponding letters. 

The size/letter at the forefront of the barrel will be the one making the cut. If the size you need isn't at the front, you'll need to adjust the barrels accordingly.

Step 2: adjusting bOTtom barrel

First, focus on the bottom barrel. Unlock it by pulling the bottom lever downwards. While holding the lever, rotate the barrel until the size/letter you need is at the forefront. Once set, release the lever.

Step 3: Adjusting the top barrel

Next, align the top barrel with the bottom one. Unlock the top barrel by pulling the top lever towards you. Rotate the barrel to match the size/letter of the bottom barrel. After aligning, ensure both barrels are set to the same size.

Step 4: The cut

Now comes the exciting part—cutting! Slide your metal sheet into the machine and press down the longer lever to punch your hole.

Pro Tip: For a precise center mark without cutting, lower the lever gently until the punch lightly marks the center.

Step 5: Clean up process

Like a traditional paper hole punch, removing the punched-out material is crucial to avoid clogging. Post-punch, the bottom barrel collects these pieces. If the material is not firmly stuck, you might be able to remove it with your finger. For smaller holes or stubborn pieces, a hand-held punch proves effective.

You can find this useful tool in the drawers behind you. It's incredibly handy for clearing out those pesky punched-out bits.

After clearing the debris and tidying up, your task is complete. A big thank you for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of The Punch!