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Don't know if you can enter the lab or not? Want to be here all-night, all-day, every day?? See our helpful (and thoroughly linked!) access flowchart!

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Specialty Equipment

For the following equipment, in-person training by a lab64 employee is required. To receive training, please come in during our CA office hours, or send a request to our #training-request Slack Channel. Training on all specialty equipment is required for 24 hour room access. 

Laser Cutter: Trotec SP500

For plywood, acrylic, hardboard, cardboard, paper, and fabric 

Cutting Area: 49"x 28" (1245 x 710mm)
Training Overview ↗

Laser Cutter: Fablight FL4500

For steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and other metallic materials

Cutting Area: 50" x 25" (1270 x 635mm)
Training Overview ↗

Solder Machine: Vapor Phase One

FDM 3D Printers: Prusas

Max Build Volume: 9.84" x 8.30" x 8.30" (25 x 21 x 21cm)
Filament Size:  1.75mm
Training Overview ↗
FDM Rules of Thumb↗

Machining Tools

Training Overview ↗
Includes Drill Press, Notcher, Sheer, Fingerbrake, and Punch.


Soldering Guide ↗
Quiz ↗

Must Score 100% on Quiz  Before Requesting Training!

General Equipment

ElectrICAL Measuring Equipment

Electronics Design Supplies

PCB Layout Equipment


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