How do I get in touch with Lab64?

Slack is our preferred method of (internal) communication. Shoot us a question in the #help channel!

Email us at lab64ca@ee.stanford.edu for any inquiries.

Join our Mailing List to stay updated!

How much does it cost to use supplies and materials? I can't seem to find payment options anywhere...

We pride ourselves on being a free to use makerspace for all! We have ample safety equipment, materials, and tools for everyone to use. In fact, if you have any tool or item suggestions for us to have in stock, please message us!

If you end up using an unprecedented amount of material (we're talking mid-sized manufacturing plant levels of large), we only ask that you donate a similar amount/type of material as soon as you can.

What trainings and preparations do I need to complete before entering the lab?

For entry, please complete Stanford's Lab Safety Quizzes↗ as soon as possible. As for PPE, we provide all necessary safety equipment and materials in-house, but you're welcome to bring your own!

If anything seems broken or out of the ordinary, please message us over email or Slack and we'll get it fixed!

I need to 3D print something! How can I use yours?

Our FDM 3D printers (e.g Prusas) are free-of-use to anybody, so feel free to print whatever you need! Try not to use too much material so others can use it too.

I think Lab64 could benefit from having [insert item]. How can I get that in the lab?

We love all of your suggestions and regularly buy new tools and equipment for the lab! Please write it down on our suggestion whiteboard! Otherwise, the #suggestions Slack channel is great for discussing such things. NOTE: Please make sure that the items being asked for are not already in the lab!!

I really want lab access after hours! How do I get it?

To receive 24 Hour Access↗, you must complete training for all specialty equipment in the lab, and remain a part of our community for at least a quarter. Otherwise, feel free to ask in the Slack if someone with access is (or will be) at lab and can supervise you.

My club would love to do a collaboration with you guys! How can we make this happen?

We'd love to collaborate with you too!! Email us at lab64ca@ee.stanford.edu and we can sort it out! Important things to think about are audience (is this open to all makers or just makers with a specific background?), space (Will this need a big room? We can handle logistics on that end if need be), and supplies (What could we order that would help this event go well?). 

Is there any way I can help out the lab or become more involved?

Yes! General tidying up is always appreciated, but also if you have any cool workshop ideas, some student organizations you'd like us to collaborate with, or have some suggestions for how we can run even better, please reach out to us either via Slack or email! Even sending us pictures of a project you are working on in the lab (especially if you'd like help from others!) is a great way to help us out!

More immediately, come to our events, help others out on Slack or in the lab, and feel free to drop suggestions in the #suggestions Slack channel! We'd love to set up something for people who would like to be "superusers" of the lab! Maker Jams especially would be an excellent place to start!

Can I get a tour?

Sure! Email us at lab64ca@ee.stanford.edu and we'll get back to you about it!

May I recruit your members to my startup?

Let us know what information you want to share, and we'll send it out on our #opportunities Slack channel.