Machining Tools

⚠️Training Zone Ahead⚠️

To safely use the following equipment, you must receive training by lab64 Staff prior to individual use. To get trained, please attend one of our Office Hours sessions↗. Estimated Length of Training: 15 minutes.


The notcher and shear are mechanical machines used to cut metal. The notcher specializes in 90-degree corner cuts, while the shear is for general cross cuts. A pressing mechanism forces the blades down vertically that scissor through the material. Our notcher and shear are hand-operated.

lab64 training is REQUIRED before using the notcher and shear (mostly to prove you won't hurt yourself).

Read the brief guide below and come to CA office hours, catch Jeff in the lab, OR reach out to us in the #training-request Slack channel to receive training. Training is essentially showing us you can safely and responsibly use the equipment.

After training, you can safely use the notcher and shear to your heart's content during lab hours. Enjoy!

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